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Meridith Bruozas



  • Higher Ed: Administrator, K-12 Administrator 


Meridith Bruozas is the Manager of Educational Programs and Outreach with a focus on developing high quality educational programs that are aligned to mission science and support the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers. She oversees on- and off-site programming that ranges from inspiring and connecting middle school youth to STEM experiences to providing undergraduate and graduate students a once in a life time internship experience. She also focuses on developing key partnerships with local and regional organizations and school systems around STEM education.

Ms. Bruozas is an educator by training and has spent the past 15 years in a combination of district, non-for-profit and academic service positions researching and promoting STEM education. She earned her M.S. in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University and a B.S. in Secondary Education and Biology from Ball State University. Her publications include several national curriculum resources for the K-12 classroom and numerous professional presentations and research articles. 


Curriculum Development, Professional Development, Data Science, Computational Thinking, STEM,  


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